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Shopify Integration

Guide for installing Accept's Shopify plugin.


1- Please go to your accept dashboard for each account in the "Payment Integrations" tab click add, Then choose type: Card and Currency: EGP, and enable "Use Shopify" Slider.

  1. Add our payment gateway to your Shopify account by clicking here.

  2. It will prompt you to log in to your Shopify account and then proceed to add the desired gateway.

  3. The user data you need to enter into Shopify is:

Username: This is the username you use to log in to your Accept portal
Secret Key: You can find this from the settings tabs on your Accept
dashboard HMAC

If you select the checkbox for Test Account when adding the credentials you
can test payments using the below card.

Test Card Details:

Card Number: 5123 4567 8901 2346

Card Holder: Name Test Account

Card Expiry: 21/05

Card CVV: 123
  1. For live mode please uncheck the test box. (This will only work when you
    complete your contractual procedures then we will generate your live ID

Updated 7 months ago

Shopify Integration

Guide for installing Accept's Shopify plugin.

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